Anthony Renzulli is an American singer-songwriter and musician from Atco, New Jersey. He is best known for being the lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist for the rock band "Anthony Renzulli Band".
Anthony's first instrument of choice was the guitar but it was the sound of the drum that grabbed his attention a little stronger. After teaching himself the basics of playing the drums, he began playing along to his father’s old record collection. Anthony adds, "I didn't have a band or a teacher when I was a kid so I taught myself by playing along with Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and Buddy Rich albums that belonged to my father." In 1998 and still in high school, Anthony took first place on Drums in the all South Jersey Jazz Competition and became one of the youngest in IAJE Region III history to achieve at that level. Anthony continued to mold his craft by joining and participating in every band his school had to offer. By his junior year in High School you could find him drumming in Concert, Jazz, Fusion and Marching Band. Anthony's High School music teacher comments, "He always surrounded himself with experienced players and teachers. Most of the year he would skip lunch just to play the drums for a half hour. Not many teens do that...especially today. I would always question why he would spend a lot of time in the guitar room also. Little did I know he was working on his second and possibly his most important craft...the guitar."  

Throughout his teenage years, he went on to perform as a drummer for Rock and Heavy Metal bands in the New Jersey area but it wasn't enough for him. Anthony's manager reflects, "He has to be creating. He even builds his own guitars if you wanted to know the level of creating I am referring to. He is constantly searching for the perfect tone, sounds and melody that personally, I've only seen a handful of people do...and I've been around since the late seventies." By the time he was twenty years old, Anthony began structuring and writing his own compositions on the acoustic guitar and then he would bring the demos right to the studio to perfect them. He would play the drums (to silence and a click track) and fill in the guitar, vocals later. This is what peaked his interest the most so, naturally he continued down that path. In 2002, Anthony started performing solo in numerous clubs and venues all over New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, Trenton and Delaware. Anthony comments, "After those solo dates I thought to myself, in order for this thing to keep evolving, I was going to need a band. I couldn't do everything I wanted to hear and feel myself. I'm not a very good bassist anyway. I needed people to bounce ideas off of. I was very lucky to find those people by just going to local shows and hanging in Rock clubs around the New Jersey and Philadelphia area. I had the material but needed solid musicians to bring my visions to life so to speak. Once I knew I had that, I went into the studio and made an ep and a full length record. I'm proud to mention that those first two records I put out were done on Analog tape. Those years were big for me. It cemented the fact that this is definitely what I am going to do for the rest of my life." The Anthony Renzulli Band performed their first full band show in September 2004 and continued to record and perform until this day.

In 2012, Anthony was asked to tryout as Rhythm guitarist for the band Soraia and stayed with the band until early 2014. In that time he began working with Grammy Award winning producer Obie O'Brien (Bon Jovi). The band was showcasing heavy in front of the likes of Jon Bon Jovi (who co-wrote songs with Soraia), Warner Brothers, Atlantic Records, Columbia Records and more. The band attracted the likes of another legendary superstar, Little Steven Van Zandt of the E Street band and he started putting them in full rotation on his radio station "The Underground Garage". Little Steven and wife Maureen Van Zandt showed up for front row seats to see Soraia at The Bitter End in NYC in 2013 and led to the band working with Little Steven personally on upcoming material. Anthony's manager continues, "Anthony just loves to play. No matter how busy he is, or what project he is involved in. He always finds time to record and grow as an artist. He is a class act and a rare breed. Just ask anyone that knows him and they will say the same thing." 
Anthony continues to record and produce his own music and also records covers of his personal favorite songs. If that's not enough, he does session work when he is needed and available. So, if there ever is a time that Anthony is not performing live, its because he is in the studio doing what he does best. Creating.  


"It’s very refreshing to see a young musician with a true respect for the roots of his muse, and the talent to standout amongst his peers. Anthony Renzulli has both of these attributes, along with a burning desire to make his mark in an ever changing music industry. Vocalist, and guitarist for the band bearing his name, Anthony has also made an impact with his solo career. Anthony recently released “Anthony Renzulli - Live at Dobbs", a live solo unplugged performance from August 2, 2014 at The Legendary Dobbs in Philadelphia. The EP features three original tracks as well as renditions of Bob Dylan's "You're No Good" and Bruce Springsteen's "Atlantic City". The EP is good, it’s really good."
Out On The Town Magazine

"Anthony Renzulli does a very nice heartwarming rendition of Bruce Springsteen's Atlantic City. Anthony must be from New Jersey because the kid "GET'S IT"."
Jacky BAMBAM - 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia

"Anthony Renzulli is the Michael Cane of rock bands. Everywhere you look he is there."
 Steve Oakley - Mother Redcap

"Anthony Renzulli Band is a great group of guys. Anthony is super cool and writes some good music as well. I think you'll agree."
Jaxon - 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia

"Anthony Renzulli is definitely one of the hardest working individuals I've ever met in the Philly scene."
Professor Pooch - Music Business Consultant

"Clearly AR Band's style is unique and that is exactly what draws their large and devoted fan base in to support them."
Ellie Timms -

"Whether a solo acoustic performance, or an eclectic full-band rendition, the Anthony Renzulli Band knows how to vary their performances distinctively, maintaining loyal fans and listeners along the way"
Lucy Hunterson - Associated Content

"There may come a day when ARB stickers get slapped over fading DMB stickers. If there is an original music venue in New Jersey, Philly or even Delaware, chances are Renzulli has played it."
Impulse Magazine

"Anthony Renzulli is one of the unique artists of Philadelphia."
Origivation Magazine