New Music Video

"I Know, Darlin'" is the first single off the upcoming (full length) album, "Mad Mad Blues".

20th Anniversary of AR Band

This coming September will be the 20th Anniversary of the Anthony Renzulli Band. It is also the 10th Anniversary of me recording music at Sine Studios in Philadelphia. I've decided to celebrate both Anniversaries by putting out a full length…

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Rogers Stevens of Blind Melon

Most people know but many don't. I have been repairing, building and hot rodding all kinds of guitars (vintage and modern) for many, many years. It brings me great joy repairing things (mostly guitars). When I'm not writing or recording…

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Off to Mastering

Spent the evening at Sine Studios in Philadelphia for a final listen of the Mix. Everything sounded great so, now it is off to be Mastered.
More details soon.

Phil X of Bon Jovi

Surprise visit from Bon Jovi's lead guitarist, Phil X while I was mixing my record at Sanctuary 3 Studios, today. Learned a lot from Phil over the years so, it was great to spend the day with him.   


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Studio 4 Vinyl

I am very excited to announce that I will be pressing my upcoming record at Studio 4 Vinyl in Pennsylvania. I had the privilege to check out the record plant and experience the entire process on how the records will…

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